Wilkes University

Obtaining a Web Presence, Branding and Training Sessions

Obtaining A Web Presence

If you're interested in creating a page on Wilkes.edu, please contact the Marketing Communications Office at 570-408-5059. All pages created on Wilkes.edu operate according to the branding guidelines posted below. If you will be responsible for updating the content of the page to be created, please schedule a web training session.

For more information on web training, see below.

Branding Policies

Branding is a key component of Wilkes.edu. Any page created for the Wilkes University website must follow Wilkes branding in all aspects, including font, color and layout. There will be no exceptions to this rule and those working with the Marketing Communications Department to create a new site on Wilkes.edu agree to abide by such. 

Training Sessions

Training Sessions are scheduled when three to five trainees have requested training. Upon reaching the appropriate number, Marketing Communications will contact those interested in order to schedule a time that is best for all parties involved. 

Training sessions take place in three, one-hour meetings. Upon the completion of the first session, a copy of the Site Builder Training Manual will be provided.

In order to schedule a training, contact Marketing Communications at 570.408.5059