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Data Policy & Standards Committee (DPSC)

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Wilkes University
Data Policy and Standards Committee
Committee Charter

Committee Purpose
Banner is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrated with a multitude of other systems; therefore data standards are vital to ensuring the integrity of data assets within and between Banner and other administrative information systems.  The purpose of the Data Policy and Standards Committee (DPSC) is to:  (1) create, communicate and oversee adherence to data policy that maximizes that value of institutional data housed within Banner, and (2) create, maintain and use data standards that define clear parameters for institutional data. 

The committee will review, evaluate, and interpret all issues related to data integrity within Wilkes’s administrative information systems.  The DPSC will develop and propose to the IT Committee for approval, policy regarding the standardized formatting of data elements and procedures for the entry, removal, and use of data from all of these systems.  Subsequent to IT Committee approval, the DPSC will communicate and oversee this policy.

The recommendations made by the committee will be aligned with best practices and address the improvement of data validity.  The documentation reviewed, created, and updated by the DPSC will be disseminated to departments for use as a procedural manual and training document.

Brian Bogert, Director of Information, Analysis & Planning, Co-Chair
Debra Hritzak, Senior Systems Analyst, Co-Chair
Paul Browne, Dean of the Sidhu School of Business
John Harrison, Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science
Liz Swantek, Director of Residence Life
Margaret Zellner, Director of Enrollment Operations (Student Services)
Jerry Palmaioli, Director of Financial Services  (Controller’s Office)
Kathleen Houlihan, Director of Graduate Retention
Nancy Weeks, Assistant Director of Advancement Operations