Wilkes University

University Committees

University Committees


General Education Committee
The General Education Committee is charged with reviewing all core courses and recommending changes to the core to the full faculty.

Library Committee
The Library Committee provides advice, support, and acts as a liason for faculty, departments, and the University Librarian on matters of the role of the Library in academic learning, budgeting, collection development, bibliographic instruction, automation, circulation, and reference services. Academic departments have responsibility for the quality of their collections.

Teaching Recognition and Effectiveness Committee (TREC)
Each year, the teaching recognition and effectiveness committee (TREC) oversees nine awards, announced to the faculty and staff at the annual TREC Awards Ceremony. Join us in our efforts to recognize excellence and professionalism here at Wilkes University by making a nomination for one of the awards.  Each fall, awards are presented to the previous year’s award winners.  TREC notifies award winners by letter through campus mail by June 30 of each academic year.

Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum Committee receives and evaluates all curriculum proposals for undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs with credit-bearing courses as discussed in the Faculty Handbook. The Committee transmits recommendations to the full faculty for action to include, reject, amend, or approve at monthly faculty meetings during the academic year.