Wilkes University

General Education Curriculum Document approved November 9, 2000


The General Education Curriculum for Wilkes University was approved by the Wilkes University Faculty on November 9, 2000.  Because of its size, the document is split into smaller sections listed below.  All modifications to the General Education Curriculum since its approval are found below.

Introduction: 1-12
Requirements and Objectives: 13-20
Skill Area Syllabi: 21-36
The Humanities Syllabi Part 1: 37-??
The Humanities Syllabi Part 2: ??-77
The Scientific World Syllabi: 78-116
The Social Sciences Syllabi: 117-133
The Visual and Performing Arts Syllabi: 134-142
The First-Year Foundations Syllabi: 143-171
Deletion of Physical Education: 172-176
Competencies for ENG 101: 177-182
Guidelines for WI Courses: 183-184
Guidelines for OPO Courses: 185-188
Guidelines for CI Courses: 189
Quantitative Reasoning Skill Requirements:190
Course Substitution Policy: 191-192
Role of the Library: 193-194
Minutes from the Chairs Meetings to Develop the Curriculum Proposal: 195-208
Wilkes 2000 Mission and Vision Statements: 209-210 

  • The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Proposal was approved by the Faculty on April 6, 2006.  To see the approved WAC proposal, click here