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Review Board Application

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IRB Application for New Studies

1. Download and save this application as a Microsoft word document (.doc or .docx file) in a clearly designated folder or on the desktop of your computer.

2. Complete this application following the directions for each section or item and have all required supporting documents prepared. These can include:

  • informed consent forms,
  • copies of data collection instruments, such as questionnaires, surveys, interview instruments (if any), 
  • for student principal investigators: Evidence of Protecting Human Subjects training  (certificate or other documentation of completion).

3. When preparing the documents prior to submission, you must use Microsoft word in the following forms: doc, docx, xls, or xlsx. You can also save your submission as a pdf. Check all files to ensure that they are readable if scanning items into documents.

4. Your last name must be the first word of every file title that you submit to the IRB.

5. When the application and required documents are prepared, submit the application and documents via email as attachments to irb@wilkes.edu. Electronic submissions are required.