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Other Lectures at Wilkes

The U.N. Lecture Series

The global perspectives of the United Nations come to Wilkes University through a collaborative program launched during the 2011-2012 academic year. Presented in partnership with the Higher Education Alliance for the United Nations, the program brings U.N. officials to campus throughout the year for lectures and informal meetings with students. Wilkes University is the only northeast Pennsylvania higher education institution participating in the program.

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Family Business Alliance

The Family Business Alliance mission is to become a trusted resource and provider of world class services committed in supporting, strengthening, empowering local family owned businesses. The FBA provides educational programs, networking, counsel and guidance; so that success is achieved for both the business and the family.

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The Grace Kimball Memorial Series

The Kimball Lecture Series is named for Grace Kimball, former professor of Microbiology at Wilkes. The Kimball lecturer is chosen by the Wilkes University Biology Department as a scientist who has distinguished themselves in evolutionary biology.

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The Catherine H. Bone Lecture Series

The Catherine H. Bone lecture in chemistry is hosted by the Wilkes University chemistry department and is made possible by the endowments left by Catherine H. Bone, who taught chemistry at Wilkes from 1946-1965.

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Allan Hamilton Dickson Writers Series

Meet authors, aspiring authors and other lovers of literature as the Wilkes University Department of English hosts public readings during the Allan Hamilton Dickson Writers Series.

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