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A degree in Pre-Law at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania allows you to get a base that will prepare you for law school.

According to the American Bar Association, “there is no single path that will prepare you for a legal education.” Furthermore, the ABA “does not recommend any undergraduate majors or group of courses to prepare for a legal education.” However, it is important that undergraduate students have a rich liberal arts foundation in preparation for law school.

In making admissions decisions, law schools evaluate the following:
  • applicant’s Law School Achievement Test (LSAT) score (120-180),
  • the cumulative grade point average (GPA),
  • faculty recommendations,
  • applicant’s personal statement.

Students interested in law school should take courses that stress reading comprehension, analytical and logical thinking skills, as well as government and law. Wilkes University graduates in law school are consistently appreciative of learning the “case method” approach as taught in courses like Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and The Constitution in the Federal System.

Wilkes Pre-Law is an advising program. We assist students in preparing for the LSAT, writing personal statements, choosing courses that might help in legal preparation, and the application process. We also have a Pre-Law Society that takes trips to law schools and law fairs.

If you are a prospective Wilkes University student, you are encouraged to e-mail Dr. Kyle L. Kreider, the University’s coordinating pre-law advisor. If you are a Wilkes University student, please e-mail the pre-law advisor to make an appointment.

Wilkes' Pre-Law Program Offers

  • Expert Speakers. Periodically, speakers such as law school admissions representatives, law students, and practicing attorneys come to campus to give you greater professional insight.
  • Internships. Many students take law-related internships with judges, prosecutors, public defenders, private practitioners, and government agencies.
  • Trips. the Pre-Law Society plans trips to local and regional law schools such as Villanova, Temple, Widener, PSU-Dickinson, and Drexel.
  • Practice LSATs. Each semester, practice exams are given on weekends and club days so students can use their results as a diagnostic tool while preparing for the LSAT.
  • Pre-Law Advisors Council. Due to the intricacies of certain programs or requirements imposed by professional and graduate schools or external accrediting agencies, Wilkes has named advisors in special areas of interest.
  • The Council, comprised of faculty members from various disciplines, includes Kyle L. Kreider, coordinating pre-law advisor, Political Science; Anne Heineman Batory, Marketing; John H. Hepp, History; Lawrence Kuhar, English; Anthony L. Liuzzo, Business; and Brian E. Whitman, Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences.

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Kreider Contact Information:
Dr. Kyle L. Kreider

Associate Professor of
Political Science

Coordinating Pre-Law Advisor
email: Kyle.Kreider@wilkes.edu





Pre-Law Professors

KreiderDr. Kyle L. Kreider, Associate Professor
Breiseth Hall 326