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NeuroTraining & Research Center

NTRCThe NeuroTraining & Research Center at Wilkes University brings to campus cutting-edge Neuroscience technology in the field of mental performance enhancement.

  • This is a facility that will benefit every member of the Wilkes Community who chooses to use it – students, student-athletes, and student-performing artists.
  • The technologies that will be available at no cost to students have been shown to enhance academic, athletic and artistic performance, as well as promote better health and well-being by reducing stress
  • State of the art Neurofeedback and Biofeedback equipment, as well as AudioVisual Entrainment devices form the foundation for the services provided
  • The NTRC provide a tremendous opportunity for Wilkes students to obtain valuable hands-on training 
    • Internships and research opportunities for students and faculty are available using the latest equipment and most modern facilities
    • The center provides valuable experience that will enhance employment and graduate school opportunities for students

Interested in using our techniques?  Please fill out the form below and email it to ntrc@wilkes.edu

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