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Women's and Gender Studies

What is Women's and Gender Studies?

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program th at examines gender as a category of analysis and its intersections with race, ethnicity, class, age, sexual identity, and (dis)ability. The program presents a critical analysis of gender and traditional social institutions such as family, religion, arts, law, and education in domestic and global contexts.

Women's and Gender Studies raises questions that have often been ignored or marginalized, and demonstrates the need to recognize new models of knowledge, as well as the need to be critical of theories and approaches that do not take gender into account. The program introduces students to the history of feminism, as well as its contemporary theories and methods.

Why Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies?

In our ever-changing world, Women's and Gender Studies provides an excellent foundation for virtually any career. Whether in the fields of academia, healthcare, law enforcement, non-profit work, human resources, business, public service, art or international relations, a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies will broaden your appeal to potential employers and graduate/professional programs.

Women’s and Gender Studies is one of the most useful, flexible, and marketable minors that Wilkes offers. It demonstrates to a potential employer or graduate school that you are well-rounded, having studied a wide variety of topics and that you are able to think more globally than many other applicants.

There are many practical applications for Women's and Gender Studies training on the job. For example, many businesses and corporations are working towards more sensitivity to gender issues such as sexual harassment, family leave, pay equity, and equal employment opportunities.

Similarly, Women's and Gender Studies specialists are increasingly being used as consultants in industry, higher education, insurance companies, and personnel firms.

What Does the Women’s and Gender Studies Program Offer?

Women's & Gender Studies Newsletter

  • Flexibility
    The interdisciplinary nature of our program allows Women’s and Gender Studies students to sample many topics and learn through a variety of intellectual experiences such as reading literature, creating visual artwork, or visiting a prison for women.

    Our flexible program allows you to customize your course of study to fit your specific interest while meeting the requirements for your major or other minors. In fact, you may find that many of the courses you’ve already taken or are required to take for your chosen programs have Women’s Studies Eligible Sections.

    Can’t find the Women’s and Gender Studies course you want to take? Check out the Women’s Studies and Gender Studies Courses offered at King’s College. You can take them for free and they count towards your minor at Wilkes! You may also undertake independent research projects with a professor in your major degree program or with the director of Women’s and Gender Studies.

  • Personal and Professional Development
    Many Women’s and Gender Studies courses incorporate group-based projects, discussion, and community service learning experiences that give students opportunities to develop essential skills and a commitment to civic engagement. The program offers unique opportunities to apply and evaluate the research and theories that you are studying as well as the creative exchange and development of ideas at our Annual Women’s and Gender Studies Conference.

  • Fantastic Faculty
    Our program has outstanding faculty members, many of whom are highly recognized in their fields of study. They are eager to share their enthusiasm about women's studies with their students and are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters critical thinking, supports student activism, and emphasizes faculty/student and peer mentoring.

  • Fantastic Students
    Women's and Gender Studies students come from a variety of majors, so each brings something unique to the program. These students are knowledgeable on current topics involving women and society, leading them to be more sensitive to and aware of gender-related issues in many aspects of life. Moreover, Women’s and Gender Studies students are some of the most active on campus, serving as advocates for numerous social justice causes as a result of their in-depth look at Women’s Studies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • What are the minor requirements?
    • 18 credits
    • At least 9 credits completed at Wilkes
    • Women’s Studies 301 (WS 301)
    • 5 additional WGS courses
      • WGS courses have the "WSM” designation at the end of the course name
      • E.g., PSY 221 Developmental Psychology/WSM

  • Can men minor in Women’s and Gender Studies?
    • Absolutely! Anyone interested in issues concerning gender, sexuality, and human rights will find WGS a great addition to their major field of study.
  • Would do I contact for more information about WGS?

It's Easy As 1-2-3!

Download a “declare a minor” form from the Wilkes Portal or stop by UCOM to get a form.

Talk to your academic advisor about your interest in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. He or she can tell you more about how the program can benefit your course of study.

Visit or contact Dr. Thomas, the director of Women’s and Gender Studies. She will also need to sign your form and can answer any additional questions you might have about the program.