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Completed Projects

Several documentaries have been completed as part of the Wyoming Valley History Project. Some of these appear below along with a brief clip introducing the documentary. These documentaries will be available for purchase. Check back here for details on when they become available.

Documentary Video Examples:

Did you Boscov today? Video

Did You Boscov Today? A History of Department Stores In Northeast Pennsylvania

This fascinating documentary retraces the era when big-name department stores ruled the Earth. Only a few free-standing stores remain.

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The Revitalization of Downtown Wilkes-BarreRevitalization of Wilkes-Barre

Revisit the city's effort to maintain the historic tradition and architecture of Wilkes-Barre while trying to boost the downtown's economic vitality.

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Iron Horses VideoIron Horses: A History of Railroads in the Wyoming Valley

Coal and trains combined to spur the development of the Wyoming Valley and establish a rich historical tradition.

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Trolleys of the Wyoming Valley The Trolley of Wyoming Valley Video

Long faded from memory and usefulness, the trolley once met the transportation needs of residents and served as a vital cog in the development of Wilkes-Barre, contributing to the rise of the working-class.

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Copies of all documentaries shown on this page are available at Barnes & Noble, 7 S. Market St., Wilkes-Barre, PA