Wilkes University

English 101 Transfer Policy

Policy Statement for Students Transferring Three Credits of English Composition

Students who transfer three credits in English Composition to Wilkes from another institution for credit toward our four-credit English 101 may choose any one of the following options to either fulfill or achieve a “waiver” of the fourth credit hour in composition:

Option One:  Students may fulfill the additional credit hour in composition by completing a second composition course at Wilkes.  Eligible courses include English 201, 202, 218, 228, and 308.

Option Two:  Students seeking a waiver from the fourth credit hour in English Composition who cannot take an English writing course, may, in consultation with the English department, submit a portfolio of recent academic writing -- some of which has been completed at Wilkes -- that demonstrates the competencies defined in the English department’s standardized portfolio assessment form.  Students intending to submit a portfolio must do so in consultation with the chair of the department.  The portfolio assessment form is available in the Humanities office, Kirby Hall 201.

Revised January 2010