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Wilkes University students discuss a book for their english class.
Humanities at Wilkes

Studies in the humanities provide a foundation of liberal learning and essential understanding of the world and its people.

Wilkes University's Humanities programs emphasize critical thinking, judgment and historical perspective, and an appreciation of the rich diversity of human and cultural expression.

Did you know?
Wilkes offered a course in screenwriting taught by professional screenwriter, Ken Vose. Students were required to write a screenplay that was used for a staged reading at the conclusion of the course, learned how to develop characters and plot, the business of screenwriting, and how to sell their work.

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Photo of student Michael Morrison

Writing His Own Story

For Michael Morrison, three paths diverged in the English department at Wilkes University. He took all of them.

Like many English majors, Michael Morrison of Dallas, Pa., has Shakespearean skills, and he crafts clever essays. With his triple concentration in literature, writing and digital humanities, he’s also learning how language and technology intersect in the 21st century. “It’s a focus on the digital age and how it’s affected the humanities, particularly English,” Morrison says.             

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