Wilkes University


A group of performing arts students at Wilkes University dancing on stage.Welcome to Wilkes University Theatre!

We’re glad to see you!  Why?  Because the study of theatre is one of the most rewarding yet difficult challenges a student can choose. 

Theatre requires commitment and concentration but will provide your spirit with a way to grow into the unique human being that you are.  We’re here to encourage you to do just that!

Wilkes understands the need of students to explore this field in all its complexity and diversity.  We offer a complete performance experience to the student who is willing to work and take creative risks.

Your time spent at a University is a special time in your life.  We know it’s an opportunity for you to develop intellectually, creatively, physically and emotionally in an environment that is uniquely structured for the successful attainment of your goals.

Wilkes University Theatre encourages you to join us in our ongoing adventure in learning and we hope that you’ll give yourself the best chance in life to create the life you want.

Check out Wilkes University Theatre with a video produced by and featuring our students. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our February 2019 production of “Cabaret” and find out how Wilkes helps our students reach their theatre goals.