Wilkes University

Music Minor

Music minor students at Wilkes University perform for their class.Minor in Music 

The music minor program at Wilkes University offers a wide range of musical experiences, including participation in performing ensembles, studies in music history, and studies in music theory. The required courses for the minor in music are as follows:

Performance, 6 credits to choose from:
MUS 121 Civic Band, 0/3 credits (repeatable)
MUS 125 University Chorus, 0-3 credits (repeatable)
MUS 127 Jazz Ensemble, 0/3 credits (repeatable)
MUS 132 Chamber Orchestra, 0/3 credits (repeatable)

Music History, 6 credits
MUS 210 Music History I, 3 credits
MUS 211 Music History II, 3 credits

Music Theory, 3 credits
MUS 103 Music Theory I, 3 credits

Music Elective, 3 credits
Any non-performance ensemble class at the level of MUS 104 or higher. Possible classes include but are not limited to:

MUS 104 Music Theory II, 3 credits
MUS 198/298 Topics in Music Theory or Music History, 1–3 credits
MUS 395 Independent Research, Music Theory or Music History, 1–3 credits

NOTE: while music minors are strongly encouraged to take private lessons (MUS 100/200/300/400), they do not count toward the minor.

Total minimum number of credits required for a minor in music — 18.

For more information, please contact Steven Thomas (steven.thomas@wilkes.edu), Coordinator of Music at Wilkes University.