Wilkes University

FAQs - Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program (PPGS)

Listed below are common questions for the pre-pharmacy (guaranteed seat) program.

Yes.  You first must apply and be accepted to Wilkes University.  If you indicate on the application you are interested in pharmacy and will have access to the Pre-Pharmacy application.

The University requires a $30 application fee but may be waived at various Open Houses.

The PPGS contract states that the program must be completed within 2 years.  Only under extenuating circumstances and through a forma petition can this requirement be changed.

The PPGS only accepts students from high school who have never attended another college or university as full time status.  This does not prevent the PPGS student from taking college level course while in high school through a dual enrollment program or during the summer prior to beginning the PPGS program.  Students who do not meet the requirements can attend Wilkes as a pre-pharmacy parallel student or non-Wilkes students may apply directly to the professional program if transferring from another institution.  A student is not required to have a degree to apply to the professional program. 

We accept ~80 PPGS freshman students each year.

No, we no longer require a recommendation letter from a pharmacist.  However you may solicit a pharmacist’s recommendation if you choose.  Your invitation to interview letter will state you must research profession of pharmacy on your own.  You will be asked to reflect on the profession and what internal motivations will help you succeed, so it is in your best interest to do some “homework”.

Please submit no more than three letters.

Students are first evaluated on their academic profile of SAT (or ACT) scores and class rank (or GPA or percentile).  If acceptable the student is invited for an interview.  The interview will evaluate their previous leadership accomplishment, knowledge of Pharmacy, and communication skills.  The essay provided in the application will be evaluated.  In general, the Committee is projecting if the student will successfully complete the PPGS program and then the Pharmacy Program.

Please consult our tuition and costs page. Specific questions may be directed to the Student Service Center at 570-408-2000.

Pre-Pharmacy students should be particularly aware of the following situations and contact the Financial Aid Office for more specific information. 

  • Entering freshmen are considered “undergraduate” and eligible to receive full financial aid packages during their pre-pharmacy years and through the second year of the professional program.
  • After the second professional year, students are considered “graduate” level. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.
The Admissions Committee of the School of Pharmacy will notify you approximately 2 weeks after your interview.