Wilkes University

Pre-Pharmacy Club

Pre-Pharmacy Club is a student driven organization that serves as an information and resource center for undergraduate pharmacy students.  It provides a forum in which students can not only become well educated in the field of pharmacy, but also get involved in both their school and local communities.

At Wilkes, this club focuses on collaboration, rather than competition, between pre-pharmacy students in order to further their education, enrich their social experience, and ultimately to take another step toward the Pharm.D.

This sense of teamwork and comradery is complemented by events held to by the club to enhance the undergraduate experience in individual, academic, and social aspects.  In the past, the club has had:

  • Speakers act as mentors informing the members about the field of pharmacy
  • Trips to exciting cities to learn new things in a hands-on way
  • Students from the pharmacy school helping to advise the undergraduate students
  • Opportunities to network with students and faculty in the professional school
  • Volunteer opportunities to provide community involvement with people of similar interests

Pre-Pharmacy Club

This is a picture from the 2015 Big Event, where Pre-Pharmacy Club teamed with Pharmacy Senate to do volunteer work at local nonprofit dairy farm, Hillside Farm.