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Meet the Dean from the School of Education

Dean RabbitThank you for visiting the Wilkes University School of Education website. As the new dean, I am proud to join this institution to contribute to the goal of becoming one of America’s great small universities. I chose Wilkes because of their belief in small-campus relationships while offering big opportunities to students. My personal leadership is rooted in my mission to provide opportunities for each child to live into his or her full potential. Like me, Wilkes University recognizes that we must build bridges where potential barriers might exist to best serve students. At Wilkes, I found a common impetus to join together with others to serve the underserved. I believe that my responsibility is to find ways for each child to have an equal opportunity in education and at life.

Because of my first year experiences in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, I am re-inspired and hopeful for our local and global education. I have met passionate educators, community organization leaders, and politicians with whom I am honored to call partners. One of these new partnerships for the School of Education began on-campus and now has Wilkes’ members crossing borders.

Wilkes University has been invited to collaborate with the US Embassy in Panama and the Panamanian Chamber of Books for the XII International Book Fair in Panama beginning August 16, 2016. The event will feature a five-hour Creative Writing Workshop presented by Wilkes University’s Assistant Professor of Education, Dr. Lori A. Cooper and me. Educators who have participated in Panama’s Department of Education (MEDUCA) Bilingual Panama Program will be attending. The workshop demonstrates Wilkes University’s strong partnership with the MEDUCA-Bilingual Panama Program and will provide educators with the latest strategies to integrate the art of writing in the classroom.

During the visit to Panama this month, Wilkes University’s School of Education will meet with international partners, Universidad Latina and Universidad Especializada de las Americas (UDELAS), the Dean of Education at UDELAS, Dra. Paula Troy and the Dean of Education at UL, Dr. Ericka Matus.

Serving as Student Ambassadors, representing not only Wilkes University but also the larger context of university students from the United States of America, our Wilkes University School of Education students, Dominique DelPriore, Sarah Birchmeier, Nicole Morgan, and student Nancy Ramirez, will play an active role in this event.

Check back for more updates to see how this collaboration continues to grow and positively impact both countries.


Dr. Rhonda M. Rabbitt*


*Rhonda M. Rabbitt is Dean for the School of Education with experience teaching graduate, undergraduate, and PK-12 students. Currently she leads programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level, which include early childhood/ elementary education, middle level, and secondary education, special education, reading, STEM, and administrative certification, both domestically and internationally. Parenting four children, travel, and teaching high school Spanish are hallmark experiences in her journey of professional development. She holds a doctorate in Educational leadership and Change from Fielding Graduate University, a master’s degree in Secondary Education-Spanish, and an undergraduate degree in Spanish as well as Business Administration.