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What is WEBS 3.0?

WEBS 3.0

WEBS students in the field.

WEBS 3.0 has been established for rising sophomores through seniors, and beyond. It is beneficial for young women who know they want to continue their academic careers post high school by continuing on to college.

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The goal of WEBS 3.0 is to expose young women to areas of science and the arts that they likely have not experienced, thus encouraging a love of learning, broadening horizons, introducing new areas of interest, and increasing critical thinking skills while fostering independence, and challenging one's self through age appropriate learning.

This program allows for some one-on-one time with campers, or with groups of campers; however, most of the 3.0 day is spent expanding opportunities, knowledge, and gaining insights into areas of study not offered at the high school level. Previous Experienced Learning Programs (ELPs) include: ornithology, botany, and entomology at a state game reserve run by an all female crew; cancer research with genetic modification; field zoology techniques; maternal and newborn health in Tanzania, Africa, and global problems facing women; music maker; writing at a college level; hands on orthodontics; microbiology; botany along the Susquehanna River; air quality testing; molecular biology; environmental engineering; earth sciences; graphic designs/media art; how to run and create an art gallery at the Sordoni Gallery; inventions and patents; and Girl Power: How to Cultivate Self Worth for Life.  

3.0 offers a rare opportunity to work directly with Wilkes University professors, assisting in on-going research being conducted right on Wilkes University campus while gaining experiences which can not be gained anywhere else. Professors welcome 3.0 members into their active labs, take them off campus to relevant sites, and share their love of their respective fields. It is a thrilling week!

WEBS LogoWEBS Summer Camp Contact Info:
Ms. Debra Chapman - Biology Department
84 West South Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766
Phone: 1 (800) WILKES-U Ext. 4753