Wilkes University

Electronics/Digital Design/Measurements Lab (SLC 125)

Students build and test basic, low voltage circuits in our Electronics/Digital Design/Measurements Lab

This facility provides hands-on experience in the design and simulation of many different types of circuits. Students assemble, measure and evaluate basic analog and digital circuits. They develop competency in Measurement Sciences, utilizing modern, advanced instrumentation, which simulates industrial-grade. After building strong foundational knowledge in passive and active electronic components, as well as in Electronics, students advance to experiments involving transistors and integrated circuits. Each workstation provides:

  • Tektronix TDS 210 60 MHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • Tektronix CDM 250 Digital Multimeter
  • Tektronix PS 280 DC Supply
  • Tektronix CFG 253 3 MHz Function Generator
  • PC with Data acquisition capability

Our Digital Design instrumentation includes:

  • Digital 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope (4 units)
  • Digital Prism 3002 (2 units)
  • Digital 20MHz Analog Oscilloscope (1 unit)

Lab experience provides student many opportunities to apply theory taught in such courses as Electronics, Digital Design, Measurements Lab, Mechatronics, Microcontroller-Based System Design, Instrument Automation (elective) and Computer Organization (elective).