Wilkes University

Show Cause Notification

Wilkes University is committed to excellence in all programs and actively participates in accreditation processes.

Wilkes’ Electrical Engineering program remains accredited by ABET.

The 2015-16 general review by ABET resulted in a finding of “show cause” for Wilkes’ Electrical Engineering (EE) program. This finding means the program has one or more deficiencies that require a progress report. The program deficiencies in the EE program are  curricular in nature. Specifically, the curriculum was found to be weighted too heavily in engineering and the technical sciences. This imbalance has been corrected with the approval of a revised curriculum by the full Wilkes faculty on October 6, 2016. Also, the culminating design experience will now fully incorporate appropriate engineering standards and realistic constraints and will be more prominently showcased. The mathematics and basic science component and the culminating design are now in alignment with ABET’s Criterion 5 Curriculum requirements.  The program will be publishing its updated Program Educational Objectives by working with its technical advisory board and other constituencies. As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and accreditation, a report will be submitted to ABET by July 1, 2017, to support continued accreditation.  

You can read the revised Electrical Engineering curriculum here.
To view the ABET Final Statement of Accreditation Response, please click here.

The administration and the faculty consider accreditation of the engineering programs to be essential in the growth of the University. Wilkes maintains its decades-long tradition of excellence in engineering.

Questions regarding the status of Wilkes University’s ABET accreditation should be directed to:

Dr. Gregory S. Harms

Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics

Dr. William Hudson
Dean, College of Science and Engineering