Wilkes University

Electrical Engineering & Physics

Electrical engineering students at Wilkes University collaborate on a physics project.

Hands-on Experience

Wilkes' Electrical Engineering majors have an ideal opportunity to pursue individual interests that cut across disciplinary boundaries. Examples can range from medicine to materials science to broadcast communications.The Wilkes University Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Programs are ABET Accreditted.

Other well-suited areas of interest include nanotechnology, theater design, sound recording, patent law, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, technical writing and simulation, to mention just a few.

Our engineering faculty are active teachers who work closely with students in classrooms and laboratories; labs are not taught by graduate student teaching assistants. As part of Engineering and Physics program, you will graduate with confidence in your ability to understand and solve problems because we will help you develop a mental discipline for critical thinking.

Wilkes Electrical Engineering  graduates have been successfully placed in numerous regional, national, and multi-national industries. When you go out into the world, you will look for the next problem to solve. Wilkes graduates who do that well are highly valued by their employers.

Dr. Abas Sabouni - Wilkes University College of Science and Engineering