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Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Wilkes University marine science students prepare for an upcoming lab at a local lake.

Welcome to the Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department (EEES)

Environmental ScienceThe curriculum is designed to expose students to many of the issues facing the environment today. Our goal is to develop students into strong critical thinkers and prepare them for careers in industry, consulting, government, or academia. As an EEES graduate you will have an interconnected understanding of the environment and a unique skill set that prepares you for the next step in your career.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Here at Wilkes, we focus on providing our students with a hands-on approach to learning how natural systems operate. These programs incorporate a strong background in all of the sciences and include extensive laboratory and field experience.  

The department offers majors in the following degree programs:

We also offer minors in:

The interdisciplinary nature of the programs provide students with a unique and broad understanding of natural systems. Department emphasis on analysis and experimentation of natural systems provides students with practical job-ready skills.

Students additionally may tailor their coursework
in the following focus areas: