Wilkes University

B.A. in Earth & Environmental Science

The B.A. degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences offers students the opportunity to pursue a non-science minor with an environmental degree. The major leading to the B.A. degree emphasizes human interactions with the earth and the environment.

About the B.A. Degree

The B.A. degree is ideal for students interested in politics, teaching, technical or scientific writing, environmental law, or business administration. One option for the B.A. degree is to choose a minor which may include political science, technical writing, or business administration.

Another option is to satisfy the requirements leading to a Pennsylvania Secondary Teaching Certificate with certification in Earth and Space Science. By adding courses in chemistry and biology, student may also satisfy requirements for certification in General Science.

Students interested in Secondary Education should make an appointment with the chairperson of the Department of Education as early as possible in their program of study to plan their professional studies. These students declare a minor in Secondary Education. All Teacher Education students must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program in their sophomore or junior year. Candidates must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their secondary major courses, a cumulative 3.0 GPA to remain in the Teacher Education Program, and pass the appropriate PRAXIS tests in order to be certified.