Wilkes University

Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization lab provides advanced instrumentation for analyzing chemical, structural, electronic and mechanical properties of different materials and surfaces.

Equipped with scanning electronic microscopes, this facility is utilized by a variety of faculty across College of Science and Engineering (CSE) for different research projects and educational purposes. The primary ME courses this lab supports are: Mechanical Design (ME 384), Fluid Mechanics (ME 321), Micro-Electromechanical Systems (ME 337) and Senior Projects I and II (ME 391-392). Other areas of research and instruction include topics in Physics and Bioengineering.

Key Instrumentation 

  • JEOL 6400V Scanning Electronic Microscopes (SEM) is instrumental for surface imaging and characterization studies. Includes an X-ray EDS system and an electronic image capture interface.
  • TT-AFM Atomic Force Microscope is capable of imaging features in nm size. with a scanning range of 15 μm. An environmental cell measures in vivio living biological samples.