Wilkes University

Business Majors

Business MajorsThe majors within the Sidhu School each contain six tiers.

1. The first tier begins with a comprehensive study of the following:

  • arts, sciences
  • mathematics
  • communications
  • humanities.

To become competitive, effective, organizational leaders and self-fulfilled individuals, Sidhu School graduates are expected to possess the skills and knowledge acquired through this liberating exposure to the arts, sciences, mathematics, and the humanities.

2. The second tier of the curriculum are the Sidhu School Foundation courses, which transmit a common educational experience to all Majors within the Sidhu School by addressing topics that are recognized to be basic and necessary to all practicing professionals.

Each major in the Sidhu School must complete the following 21 credits:

ACC 161. Financial Accounting & Decision Making
ACC 162. Managerial Accounting & Decision Making
BA 151. Integrated Management Experience I
BA 152. Integrated Management Experience II
EC 101. Principles of Economics I
EC 102. Principles of Economics II
MTH 101. Mathematics 101 or higher

3. The third tier requires completion of 24 credits of core courses, common to all majors. These courses extend the knowledge base within the functional areas of business, and enable students to select a major. 

Each major in the Sidhu School must complete the following 24 credits:

BA 335. Law & Business
BA 319. Business Statistics or ENT 321 (if ENT major)
MKT 321. Marketing
FIN 340. Introduction to Finance
MGT 351. Management of Organizations and People or ENT 201 (if ENT major)
MGT 354. Organizational Behavior or ENT 252 (if ENT major)
MGT 358. International Business
BA 361. Capstone in or ENT 361 (if ENT major)

4. The fourth tier requires completion of at least 27 credits which are specific to each of the majors (Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management and Marketing). Most majors require 15 credits; the remaining credits are satisfied with major elective courses.

5. The fifth tier requires a 3-credit experiential component to bond classroom knowledge with practical experience and is common to all majors. The remaining courses can be taken to fulfill the elective requirement. 

BA 362. Internship or ACC 362 (if ACC major) or ENT 362 (if ENT major)
BA 363. Business Field or Research Experience
BA 364. International Business Experience

6.The sixth tier requires completion of at least 4 credits geared toward the undergraduate student’s Personal & Professional Development. Each student must complete PPD 101 and PPD 401. 

PPD 101. Personal & Professional Development I: Introduction to PPD
PPD 201-302. Personal & Professional Development II-VI: Career & Competencies
PPD 401. Personal & Professional Development VII: Leadership Legacy