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Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship majors collaborate on projects inside the lobby of the Sidhu School of Business at Wilkes University

Students in the Entrepreneurship major of the Jay Sidhu School of Business and Leadership will experience the creation and recognition of opportunities, develop those opportunities, act on opportunities, create value, and give back to society.

Entrepreneurship Students in a classroom.Students in the entrepreneurship major of the Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership create and recognize opportunities, develop and act on these opportunities, create value, and give back to society.

Sidhu students begin this process in the first year when student teams conceptualize, design and operate their own businesses. Exposure to business tasks builds during the next three years and culminates with the completion of a senior capstone and experiential course.

The Sidhu School faculty have designed a program to enhance the development and nurturance of emotional intelligence and leadership potential in our undergraduate students based on the faculty’s own experiences with the qualities of a successful businessperson. For example, Dean Jeffrey Alves has been involved in the launch and growth of five start-up companies. As an entrepreneur, he was immersed in nearly every area of managing a business. This major integrates mentoring, innovation and entrepreneurial processes.

Entrepreneurship students understand basic theories, concepts and processes in entrepreneurship, apply knowledge from the functional areas of business to new situations and strategies, demonstrate the ability to question, assess and integrate information, and demonstrate competence in a specific area of     entrepreneurship, both orally and in written work. They have the opportunity to be involved in developing new products, contribute new perspectives and innovation for existing organizations, and create personal     and professional value in their communities

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the workforce in the United States, constituting 85% of
businesses. Either scanning the market for gaps and creating needed products or services or offering the world one's own product or service (thus creating a supply-side option), entrepreneurship is alive and well. Tons of special financing and government initiatives through various economic development
agencies support entrepreneurial ventures.

Top 5 Careers:

  • Self-created company as an entrepreneur
  • Corporate entrepreneur within an existing firm
  • Returning to a family business to take over a leading role
  • Stepping into a creative or innovation role within an existing firm
  • Marketing roles meeting needs in the 21st Century

Recent graduates have taken positions with:

  • Kraft Foods
  • Target
  • Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters

The Entrepreneurship program fully supports the undergraduate learning objectives of the School:

  • Graduates will be able to comprehend issues in ethical decision making and social responsibility.
  • Graduates will understand the creative processes of ideation and applies different methodologies in identifying a venture idea in a new or existing market.
  • Graduates will be able to transform new ideas into value-creating new ventures.
  • Graduates will be able to communicate persuasively to important stakeholders in order to cultivate social and financial capital.

The Sidhu School of Business and Leadership Bachelor of Business Administration degree in entrepreneurship requires you to complete 122 credits and includes these courses:

  • ENT 201 – The Nature & Essence of Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 203 – Innovation & Creativity
  • ENT 252 – The Entrepreneurial Leader
  • ENT 321 – Analyzing Markets and Competition
  • ENT 342 -Entrepreneurial Finance
  • ENT 384 – Small Business Consultancy
  • ENT 385 – Technical, Economic, & Market Feasibility
  • ENT 461 – Practicing Entrepreneurship

 Recent students have interned with:

  • Coal Creative
  • The Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise
  • WU S/C Coach
  • Millers Brunch
  • Family Business Alliance

The Sidhu School of Business and Leadership is housed in the beautiful 80,000-square-foot University Center on Main. The $3 million state-of-the-art facility includes a financial market trading room with an electronic stock ticker, seven smart classrooms, faculty offices, meeting rooms for students, and student club spaces that allow for collaboration on projects. To top it off, there's even a Starbucks in the lobby.

ACBSP Accreditation LogoThe Wilkes Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This distinction shows potential employers, doctoral programs, and professional schools the comprehensiveness and excellence of Wilkes University's curriculum. The ACBSP accreditation creates a competitive advantage over others seeking a career in business or admission into a doctoral program.

AACSB Accreditation LogoThe Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership is also a member of the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.