Wilkes University

Graduate Assistant Positions

Criteria for Selecting Graduate Assistants

  1. Regular admission to the program or current student with good academic standing (3.0 GPA or higher)
  2. Students admitted under Conditional Classification may apply for an assistantship after completion of nine semester hours of graduate credit with a cumulative average of 3.0 or higher.
  3. Completion of Graduate Assistant on-line process
  4. Ability and willingness to perform duties outlined in job posting and assigned by the Director/Department Chair of the respective program.

Please follow the steps below:

Step #1) Choose the job of interest by clicking the appropriate link.
Step #2) Complete the application by clicking here.
Step #3) Submit application to hiring manager.

Be sure to follow any other instructions contained in the job description.

The School of Education is seeking a graduate assistant for the doctoral program. This position requires the following knowledge/skills:

  • A basic understanding of research
  • Computer literacy, especially Google, spreadsheets, docs, etc.
  • Report preparation/job progress monitoring
  • Organization skills and self direction
  • Creative thinking/problem solving
  • Attention to details and timelines
  • Professionalism and confidentiality
  • Data management
  • Collaboration/communication
  • Attendance at key on-campus events throughout the year

Interested candidates should send a resume and letter of interest to Dr. Karim Letwinsky at karim.letwinsky@wilkes.edu. A review of applications will begin immediately with a decision being made by late July or early August for a Fall 2018 start.

The position will run for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters.

Graduate Assistant for Integrated Management Experience (IME)
The Jay S. Sidhu School of Business & Leadership

The Sidhu School of Business & Leadership is seeking an MBA student to serve as a Graduate
Assistant for the Integrated Management Experience (IME) for 10 hours per week.. IME is a
two-semester program that introduces freshmen business majors to all functional areas of
business in ACC/BA/ENT 151-152. The student teams develop business plans in the first
semester that are implemented in the second semester. This position assists with team activities
and student development activities in the Fall semester and with implementation of the
businesses in the Spring semester.

Representative Fall Semester requirements include, among other things, assistance with
evaluation of team presentations, oversight of in-class team meetings, education of teams on the
Spring Semester operations processes and coordinating arrangements for the end-of-semester
IME Poster presentation. Some of the Spring requirements include, among other things,
approval and placing of team supply and inventory orders, coordination of inventory
management, collection and evaluation of weekly team reports, and coordinating arrangements
for the end of semester IME presentations. The GA will also function as the "banker" to receive
and deposit funds and track team performance, assist with retail learning lab, scheduling of
student workers, and assist students with weekly reporting requirements. As time permits, the
GA may assist faculty with appropriate research and other administrative tasks (e.g.,
examinations, course materials in LIVE/D2L, audits, referral of students to tutoring, etc.).

Ideal candidates should have a range of knowledge, skills, and abilities, such as:

  • An understanding and sensitivity to emotional intelligence, leadership functionality, and
  • team dynamics
  • A good command of financial statements, basic accounting, and advanced user of
  • Microsoft Excel (familiarity with functions is a must, macros are desirable)
  • Comfort to learn appropriate technologies
  • Experience in report preparation
  • Experience in market research and data analysis
  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality

The position reports to Dr. Morgan Clevenger, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, and also
works with Prof. Anu Ghai, Assistant Professor of Accounting.

Interested parties should prepare a cover letter, resume, and Wilkes University GA application
by May 10, 2018 and submit to morgan.clevenger@wilkes.edu. Questions? Call 570.408.4491.

Department: Student Development

Supervisor: Melissa Howells, Director of Student Development

Term: Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 (with renewal option for Summer 2018 – Spring 2019)

The mission of Wilkes University's Office of Student Development is to offer educational and social experiences that enhance the quality of student life and learning. The department oversees the following Student Affairs functions: a) Student Activities, b) Leadership Programs, c) Civic Engagement, d) e-Mentoring, e) First Year Student Orientation, f) Internships & Cooperative Education, g) Campus Interfaith and h) Adventure Education. An assistantship in the Office of Student Development will allow an applicant:

To be surrounded by professionals who are active, creative, passionate, and committed to improving the lives of all Wilkes students.
To see students grow and change as a result of the work that is done within the department.
To build and enhance a host of relationships on campus that will be applicable to a future profession in Higher Education or any network as these skills transferable to many professions.


  • Serve as a generalist to the Office of Student Development in support of all programs and activities:
  • Complete a training on sexual violence offered by the Victims Resource Center and engage first-year student groups in interactive presentations designed to develop the skills and confidence to intervene safely and effectively when witness to situations where individuals may be at risk of sexual violence
  • Assist with the Wilkes Initiative for Student Engagement (WISE) and Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Partnership an Alternative Break program (LEAP) programs under the office Civic Engagement by helping to develop and coordinate a student training schedule for both programs as well as develop a fundraising schedule for the LEAP program while participating in LEAP bi-weekly meetings.
  • Assist in updating and refining community partner agency contact information to cast a wider net from Luzerne and Lackawanna counties
  • Assist in the development and implementation of assessment of Undergraduate student Internships and the correlation to Careers
  • Chaperone student activity day trips and on campus events
  • Assist with social media maintenance and monitoring

Graduate assistantships are opportunities for matriculated students in a Wilkes graduate program, preferably in the area of Education, though students from all areas of study are eligible. Assistantships typically last from 12 to 18 months, and requires working 20 to 25 hours per week. Evening and weekend work will be required. The position offers up to a possible, but no more than, 24 credits per year.

The Graduate Assistant will have office space located in the Henry Student Center and the Veterans' Center for Excellence (Conygham Hall).

Compensation: (Fall and Spring)

  • $1750 stipend per semester
  • Graduate tuition – 9 credits per semester (maximum)

Compensation: (Summer)

  • $750 stipend per semester
  • Graduate tuition – 6 credits (maximum)

Interested applicants should e-mail applications to Melissa Howells at melissa.howells@wilkes.edu.

Etruscan Press, a non-profit literary press affiliated with Wilkes University since 2006, has two Graduate Assistantship openings. Both of these positions require 25 hours per week in the Etruscan office at Dr. Harold Cox Hall. Duties include the following: Social media updates, copyedit manuscripts and proofread galleys, advance reader copy mailings, author interviews, and draft study guides. (9 credits per term)

Interested applicants should email his or her application to Dr. Bonnie Culver at bonnie.culver@wilkes.edu.

Duties may include social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GoodReads) of current titles, reading and evaluating fiction and nonfiction submissions, proofing galleys and cover designs, and searching for new print and online review sources for backlist and forthcoming titles. Sometimes we also have special projects, such as novel manuscript competitions. (6-9 credits per term)

Interested applicants should email his or her application to Dr. Bonnie Culver at bonnie.culver@wilkes.edu.

Duties may include social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GoodReads) of current titles, reading and evaluating fiction submissions, proofing galleys and cover designs, and searching for new print and online review sources for backlist and forthcoming titles as well as handling book launches. (6-9 credits per term)

Interested applicants should email his or her application to Dr. Bonnie Culver at bonnie.culver@wilkes.edu.

Duties will include collecting and drafting news stories for program newsletter Revise This, inviting and coordinating guest bloggers on program blog The Write Life, complete a marketing study, develop a marketing campaign using social media, and directly assist the CW program director in other development projects. (6-9 credits per term)

Interested applicants should email his or her application to Dr. Bonnie Culver at bonnie.culver@wilkes.edu.

The College of Science and Engineering has multiple Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) positions available to support supplemental instruction and laboratory activities in the discipline areas of the college. If you are interested in a GTA position and are a graduate student in good standing and will be enrolling as a full-time student for this fall semester please complete the Graduate Assistant Application form (Step #2) to be considered for an assistantship.

Interested applicants should forward the Graduate Assistant Application to Dr. Prahlad Murthy, Associate Dean, The College of Science and Engineering (prahlad.murthy@wilkes.edu) by July 1, 2017 and must include a list of STEM courses that you are capable of teaching at the undergraduate level.

The Office of International Engagement is seeking a student to serve as a Graduate Assistant (GA). This position is available immediately. The GA is required to work 20 hours a week during each semester, and will be compensated 9-12 credit hours of tuition remission for graduate courses at Wilkes University, as well as a small stipend dispersed monthly during the summer, fall and spring semesters.

This position does require that work be scheduled during the Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm period, as well as weekend hours.

The program requires the GA to assist the Executive Director, Rosi Ponce Sanabria and Associate Assistant Director, Michele Foust and Assistant Director Hussain Alrumaym, with program development, weekly, monthly and end of program reports, event planning, coordination and attendance. The GA will also provide administrative support in the office when needed. The student must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA.

Interested applicants should email their resume, a cover letter of interest, 2 recommendation letters, and transcripts to Rosi Ponce Sanabria, Executive Director (rosi.ponce@wilkes.edu) by May 1, 2018. Interviews will be then be scheduled.

Graduate Residence Director Position Description
Office of Residence Life, Wilkes University

Term: Summer 2018 – Spring 2019 (with renewal for Summer 2019 – Spring 2020)

Supervisor: Raymond D. FeDora, III, Assistant Director of Residence Life

An integral member of the Office of Residence Life (ORL) team, the Graduate Residence Director is a part-time, live-in professional responsible for assisting with the development and management of a residential area of the Wilkes University campus. Graduate Residence Directors will work with an Area Coordinator to assist with supervision of paraprofessional staff, oversight of residential education programming, enforcement of college policy, student conflict management, and area facilities management. The Graduate Residence Director will be expected to uphold the mission and goals of the Office of Residence Life, the Division of Student Affairs, and Wilkes University.

Position Responsibilities

  • Assist with the training, supervision, and evaluation of up to 25 undergraduate Resident Assistants for assigned residential area.
  • Actively participate in and present at Paraprofessional Staff Training to commence before each academic semester as well as in-service trainings and the RA 101 class in the fall semester.
  • Attend and co-facilitate regularly scheduled staff meetings and individual meetings with RAs.
  • Address quality of life issues within the residential area, reporting repairs to University Facilities.
  • Assist Office Assistant with the assignment, distribution and collection of all residential keys and conduct core changes where appropriate.
  • Connect and engage with residents in assigned residential areas.
  • Support programs planned by RA staff and advise their community development efforts.
  • Work with RA staff to address all roommate conflicts in assigned area.
  • Serve as a conduct hearing officer for student handbook violations.
  • Serve on a department committee, planning essential activities of the Office of Residence Life.
  • Serve in an "On-Call" duty rotation, responding to campus emergencies and students in crisis after-hours.
  • As an "essential services" employee, participate in emergency preparedness and response.
  • Maintain office presence of 25 hours per week.
  • Assist Central Office team with projects and assignments, as needed.


  • Bachelor's degree
  • Enrollment, full-time, in a Wilkes University graduate degree program
  • Experience in Residence Life as an undergraduate is strongly encouraged


  • Graduate Tuition – 9 credits per semester,
  • Annual stipend
  • Full meal plan while the dining halls are open
  • Partially furnished apartment in campus housing

To Apply
Please email application and resume to Raymond D. FeDora, III at raymond.fedora@wilkes.edu.