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Engineering Management, MS

Students use mechanical engineering tools in the field

The Master of Science in Engineering ManagementEngineering Management

(formerly EOS) serves industry professionals preparing for technology leadership. The Engineering Management master's program builds on Wilkes’ engineering strengths in analysis and quantitative modeling, and its business strengths in organizational leadership. Candidates learn to address the complexities of organizational performance and decision processes in areas such as project management, production, logistics, demand forecasting, project planning, and quality improvement.


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Program of Study

The Engineering Management program is dedicated to the successful development of upward-bound technical talent. Entering students enjoy a curricular breadth and flexibility unique to Wilkes University because the program leverages the leadership strengths of the Sidhu School of Business. While pursuing the common core, the graduate student maintains the option to pursue the strong quantitative/modeling emphasis of engineering, the more traditional business-centric model of the MBA, or both. The value of this flexibility to industrial firms cannot be overstated. The Engineering Management program is a 36-hour curriculum including six graduate engineering management core courses, nine MBA credits, and nine credits elective work. 

Program Goals

Managerial Growth: Graduates will be able to understand and articulate the complex challenges of industry, and affect the accomplishment goals with clear explanation of decision processes.   Graduates will be enabled to support and lead team-based business decision processes.

Serve Industry
: Meet growing demand for operational competitiveness in an environment of rapidly evolving technologies. Abilities key to the success of technology-based businesses include proposal development, project management, process management and new product development. They require accounting for the uncertainties of demand forecasting, quality improvement processes, and project/process risk and process reliability.

Provide Flexibility
: The engineering management program draws directly from pre-existing resources at Wilkes in engineering and business with a program that is more quantitative than the traditional MBA program, yet more strategic than the graduate EE program.

An ABET accredited engineering degree is preferred but not required. Other degree applicants must satisfy foundation content.

Entry standards include:

. Academic Preparation:
  • Mathematics - 12 hours
  • Programming/numerical analysis abilities
  • Engineering Economy - 3 hours
  • Science - 12 hours
  • Engineering - 12 hours
  • Applicants not holding an accredited engineering (ABET) or business (ACBSP, AACSB) degree must also satisfy MBA entry requirements.

2. Industry Experience (more than 1year)

3. Two letters of professional recommendation.

Required Courses (27 credit hours)
EGM 510 Engineering Project Decision Processes
EGM 515 Quality Processes
EGM 516 Management Science
EGM 520 Operations Analysis and Resource Allocation
EGM 525 Project Analysis and Resource Allocation
EGM 530 Engineering and Management Models
MBA 501 Foundations of Business
MBA 505 Foundations of Management
MBA 552 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 
Elective Options (9 credit hours)
Approved Graduate Electives
EGM 534 Material & Intellectual Property
EGM 536 Product Design & Development
EGM 538 Automation Production and Systems
EGM 540 Lean Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing
EGM 544 Emerging Technologies
EGM 545 Applied Engineering Analysis
EGM 580 Graduate Project Continuum
EGM 581 Graduate Project Completion
EGM 590 Thesis Continuum
EGM 591 Graduate Project Completion

Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year is $966 per credit, plus fees.

For more information, contact: 
Kristin Donati
Admissions Counselor
(800) WILKES-U Ext. 3338
(570) 408-3338