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Master of Science in Mathematics

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If you have an undergraduate degree in a traditional mathematics major and wish to make the transition to applied mathematics/computer science, the MS in Mathematics program might be just what you want. 

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For the degree in mathematics, a student who has met admission requirements can take up to half of the required 30 credits in computer science.

MS in Mathematics applicants are expected to have had undergraduate courses in each of the following three areas: linear algebra or matrix theory, advanced calculus or real variables, and abstract algebra. Students deficient in one or more of these areas may still be admitted into the program, but are required to make up for all undergraduate deficiencies early in their graduate studies.

To attain the MS degree, 30 credits in approved courses offered by the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science are required, including six credits in courses numbered 500 or above.

In addition, a thesis option allows students to work independently toward the completion of a written thesis under the direction of their faculty advisors. As many as six of the required 30 credits may be earned through thesis work. Students electing this option must also satisfy all general thesis requirements as described in the Graduate Bulletin (available in .pdf format via a link on the Graduate Academics page).