Wilkes University

Individualized Studies

BA degree, BS degree

Do you have an idea for a great major that doesn't...

quite fit into a traditional program of study? If so, you might be a candidate for the Individualized Studies major.

This program is designed for those capable and...

motivated students who wish to undertake a course of study that cannot be provided for under any of the normal BA, BS degree programs. The student will be responsible for generating a coherent proposal for a program of studies. This proposal must be selected by the student, approved by an advisor, and then by the Individualized Studies Committee. The program of studies may include courses offered by all departments at Wilkes University. In addition, credit may be assigned for appropriate off-campus study, work, and/or travel. Credits may be granted for knowledge or experience obtained prior to enrollment, with approval of the appropriate department and the Individualized Studies Committee.

Degree Requirements | 120+ credits

The basic requirement for the degree in Individualized Studies is the accumulation of 120 credits. Although there are no specific course requirements, the spirit of the Wilkes University General Education Requirements is to be respected. updated 09.15.03