Wilkes University

How to Read an Online Degree Evaluation

It is recommended that you print the Detail Requirements of the Degree Evaluation.

The details include an explanation and summary at the top, and are segmented into 11 Areas:

I.       Total Credits – displays all credit courses for student

II.     GenEd – First Year Foundations

III.     GenEd – Computer Literacy

IV.    GenEd – Written Communication

V.     GenEd – Oral Communication

VI.     GenEd – Quantitative Reasoning

VII.     GenEd – Humanities

VIII.    GenEd – Scientific World

IX.      GenEd – Social Sciences

X.       GenEd – Visual/Performing Arts

XI.       Major Requirements

Each Area will be either Met or Not Met.
The columns display information across the page for each Area:

Met – Yes/No

Condition – AND/OR

Rule – name of rule checking compliance

Subject – the code of the course subject

Low – Lowest acceptable course number

High – Highest acceptable course number

RequiredCredits/RequiredCourses – the number of credits or courses required, if listed

Term – YEAR+10 for Spring, YEAR+20 for Summer, YEAR+30 for Fall

Subject/Course / Title – Course Code and Title

Attribute – usually not used

Credits and Grade – self explanatory

Source – H=History, R=Registered, T=Transfer credits 

The online degree evaluation, formally known as Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP), is a tool within the Banner Student Information System. It does not replace or supersede the guidance offered by your faculty advisor and the academic departments within the colleges and schools of Wilkes University. The CAPP degree evaluation is a tool designed to compare program requirements from Wilkes Undergraduate Bulletins with the individual student’s academic history as it currently is recorded in Banner’s database. The system is continuously updated with the latest information as it becomes available. If any inaccuracies or disputed results are found, please call the Student Services Center at x7992 or email vincent.abbott@wilkes.edu. Thank you.