Wilkes University

How to Run an Online Degree Evaluation for Advisors

              (NOTE: Using Mozilla Firefox works best for printing Degree Evaluations.)

  1. Log on to the MyWilkes portal.
  2. Select Faculty
  3. Click on the Faculty Interact
  4. Select Advisor Menu from list.
  5. Select Degree Evaluation.
  6. Enter student’s WIN or type in their Name and click
  7. Click on Generate A Degree Audit
  8. Select the student’s Entry Term at Wilkes and click Continue. However, for new Programs, or any Program requirement changes, you may select any term as long as it comes AFTER the student’s starting term at the University. (Program requirements may change from year to year.)
  9. Select the student’s Program from the drop down menu and click Continue.
  10. In the First Major drop down menu, choose the corresponding Department. Click on You may also add concentrations or minors by selecting Add More instead.
  11. Select the Evaluation Term (the most current term in which the student has registered).
  12. Select Generate Request.

The Degree Evaluation will then display and is available for printing.