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Kristen CookTestimonials 

When I came to Tanzania, I had no intention of learning about myself or about America. I wanted to focus on learning about the culture here. But, while I learned so much about the community and activities here, I unexpectedly ended up reflecting and learning about America too. I feel like I will return a more compassionate and appreciative person, and in that way I will try to channel the wonderful people I’ve met here. 

- Kirstin Cook, Class of 2012

Bhumi Patel - WIlkes UniversitySpain
"I was very nervous and worried traveling abroad alone for the first time, but while abroad I quickly learned I had nothing to fear. The weather was gorgeous, nightlife was active, classes were similar to here, students and staff were friendly, food was alright, and the lifestyle was relaxed. The month went by and today I miss every aspect of my experience!"

- Bhumi Patel, Class of 2013

  Download Bhumi's presentation on her experiences studying abroad in Madrid.

Costa Rica
I've dreamed of visiting many places, but going to Costa Rica had never really crossed my mind until the opportunity to go there with Dr. Miller through the ASB program at Wilkes came across my path. Upon arrival, I was taken aback by the beauty of the country. It has everything from towering mountains with clouds rolling through the summits, to breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific (and Atlantic) shorelines and forests so dense one needs a machete to penetrate them. The people in the towns we visited were incredibly welcoming and friendly, as well as our guides. In my short time there, I was able to learn so much about various parts of "tico" culture from the importance of the coffee industry to salsa dancing to how to make homemade tamales and enchiladas...right in the kitchen of a tico family! All in all, it was an unforgettable and life changing experience.

- Laura Gonzales, Class of 2012