Wilkes University



The Wilkes campus is located in the historic district of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. That means hall dwellers are just as likely to live in a building with contemporary styling as they are to live in the ornate grandeur of one of our renovated mansions. Buildings are open to students of all class years –first-year through seniors. If you are an undergraduate student who will live on campus, basic furniture is provided in campus resident halls (bed and mattress, desk, chair, closet) but bed linens, blankets, pillows, and towels are not. For questions about on-campus housing, email reslife@wilkes.edujonathan.summers@wilkes.edu or crystal.cool@wilkes.edu or click here to learn more about resident halls on campus.

If you arrive before the residence halls open, or if you plan to live off-campus and have not yet found an apartment, you may need to stay in a local motel.  A list of local motels may be found here.

"On-campus" means that the housing is owned and operated by the university

"Off-campus" means that someone else owns and rents out the building

Living off campus is the responsibility of the student.  Please know that Wilkes University does not inspect these apartments and therefore cannot endorse or recommend any of them. Wilkes University does not offer housing for graduate students and families.  Intensive English Program students may stay on campus, but are not required to do so.  Wilkes University does not organize home stay families, but students are welcome to make their own arrangements.  

On-campus living:  The cost to live on campus may vary slightly each year.  For the 2016-2017 academic year the room and board fee is $13,632 (this includes the all you can eat meal plan).

Off-campus:There is considerable variation in the costs of renting an apartment.  Apartments near Wilkes University campus can range in price from approximately $400 USD to $700 USD per month.  Keep in mind that this cost may or may not include the cost of utilities (garbage, water, sewer, heating, electricity, phone service, cable television, Internet access, parking, laundry).  Also keep in mind that most apartments in the area are not furnished, so furniture may be another cost you will have to allot for in your budget.

Often a security deposit is necessary upon renting an apartment.  Many landlords may require the first and last month's rent as well.  Most landlords will have a contract that you will need to sign.  Be careful--this contract may lock you into a certain amount of time (and therefore, rent money) that you are obligated to uphold in terms of the apartment.  Breaking this contract could result in your still needing to pay the landlord, even if you decide to leave.  

Below is the listing of some off-campus apartments, realtors and landlords.  Wilkes University does not inspect these apartments and therefore cannot endorse or recommend any of them. We offer this listing as a way for students to get started in finding an apartment.

Please realize that some apartments are closer to campus than others.  You should ask the landlord or realtor about the location of the apartment with regard to Wilkes University campus.


  • John or Linda       570-474-5023
  • Abraham              570-824-4000/570-760-8654
  • Dave Hohol          570-417-5623
  • Bill Henry             215-768-4619

Apartments & Realtors

  • Cumberland Apartments         570-822-3211   www.cumberlandliving.com
    • Maria Brannon
  • Changeable Skies LLC           215-768-4619   www.changeableskies.com
  • University Commons                  570-829-4399
  • Betty Kanarr                                 570-288-8441
  • Christopher Street Realty          570-822-8558
  • Lewith & Freeman Realty           570-288-9371
  • Marlboro Apartments                  570-823-2776
  • Mayflower Crossing                     570-822-3968
  • P.C. Properties                             570-822-7670
You can also try to find housing by using our local newspapers' classified sections.  Here are the web links to their sites:

Here are some things you will want to consider asking the landlord or realtor when looking for an apartment:

  • What is the apartment like? How many rooms does it have?
  • What is the rent per month?
  • What utilities are included in the rent?
  • What is the security deposit? Can I get my security deposit back when I move out? Are the first and last months' rent required as well?
  • What are the conditions of the lease agreement?
  • Do I need a co-signer to rent the apartment?
  • Do I need a social security number or Pennsylvania driver's license?
  • Do you require that I have renter's insurance?
  • How close is the apartment in relation to the Wilkes University campus?  Will I be able to walk to class?
  • Is there public transportation nearby, or will I need to get a car?  Is parking provided or available at an additional cost?
  • Is the neighborhood safe? What kind of security does the apartment complex have?
  • Are there laundry facilities on site?  If not, where is the nearest laundromat?
  • What stores are nearby? Is there a grocery store, pharmacy, etc...?
  • Is the apartment furnished?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is smoking allowed in the apartment/apartment building?
  • Can I receive mail at the building, or will I need to get a Post Office Box?
  • What is the atmosphere of the building? Quiet or noisy?
  • Do you cover repair costs in the apartment, or must I be responsible for getting work done--such as plumbing, electrical work, etc...?
  • What kitchen facilities are available?  How old are the kitchen appliances?
  • What type of garage is used?  Do I need to buy a sticker or purchase Wilkes-Barre garbage bags? Where can I purchase these items?
  • Do I have to shovel snow in the winter?

Some other issues that may come up:

  • An efficiency apartment is usually a one-room apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom. Most other apartments in the area will be one-or-two- bedroom apartments.
  • Be aware that the landlord or realtor may have questions to ask about you as well.  Be honest with him or her.  He or she is trying to figure out if you will fit in well at the building and if the apartment will suit your needs.
  • Keep in mind that there are meal plans available through Wilkes University if you are not inclined to do your own cooking.  However, during breaks and during the summer there are limited hours at the dining hall--you may still need to do grocery shopping on occasion.