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Our compact, 35-acre campus blends stately mansions with state-of-the-art facilities in a historic downtown neighborhood.

Virtual Tour

Explore hot spots on our interactive map and watch videos featuring current students.

Walking Tour

See all that Wilkes University has to offer with a walking tour of our beautiful campus with Richard.

Karambelas Media and Communication Center

Karambelas Media and Communication Center

Communication studies majors hone their craft in the new Karambelas Center, home to expert faculty as well as our TV studio, radio station, production studio and multimedia newsroom.

Stark Learning Center


The new Mark Engineering Center and other engineering facilities provide unparalleled hands-on experiences, ensuring that our graduates are career-ready.

Wilkes-barre, PA

Guidance and Support for Undeclared Majors

It’s OK to not know what you want to major in. Our trained specialists help you find the right path and keep you on track to graduate in four years.

Wilkes University Has What You're Looking For!

What are you looking for in a university? At Wilkes, we have what you're looking for and so much more. Small classes, an amazing campus, unlimited academic choices, exciting campus life, help and support for every student, an education that has value—and a job when you graduate! Hear from our students all that's waiting for you at Wilkes University!


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Student Life


Wilkes University is home to 23 NCAA Division III athletic programs. Take a break from the books and give your love of sports a workout.

Get Involved

Early in your first year, you'll step out with your classmates to Club Day, where you get a chance to check out all of our student clubs.

Campus Dining

Wilkes Dining strives to create a dining program that increases student satisfaction and transforms the average dining experience.


Student Experience

Why Wilkes? Watch and listen to why current students chose Wilkes University to pursue their education.



At spring commencement, we award nearly 800 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Stark Learning Center

Take a Hike

Explore the Seven Tubs Natural Area waterfalls - one of the many beautiful scenic destinations here in Northeastern Pennsylvania!


Grab a Coffee

Let Wilkes student Caroline be your guide to all things Wilkes. Grab a coffee at Starbucks, which is right on campus.

Residence Life

Wilkes offers a variety of housing options for our residential student population, ranging from traditional halls to apartments to mansions. We hope that you will join us and over 1,000 of our students who live on our beautiful campus!

Students in Residence Hall

Residence Hall Tour

Whether you want the atmosphere of a traditional college room, a modern apartment or a grand mansion, there’s a spot on campus for you to call home.

Residence Hall

Residence Hall Crawl

When you live on the Wilkes campus, you have so many options!

Students on Move-in Day at Wilkes

Move-in Day

What does Move-in Day look like at Wilkes?


Join our expert professors for a glimpse into their fascinating courses.

Karambelas Media and Communication Center
Dr. Holly Frederick
Water Quality

Dr. Frederick shows the type of work done in environmental engineering and water quality classes, which include stream and lake evaluations, laboratory research and meeting working professionals.

Stark Learning Center
Dr. Marleen Troy
Sustainability in Business

Dr. Troy, who teaches sustainability management, explains how businesses can use natural resources wisely to benefit profitability.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Ms. Lisa Reynolds
Politics in Design

Ms. Reynolds, assistant professor of digital design and media art, shows how political campaigns throughout U.S. history have used design to promote candidates.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Edward Bednarz
Engineers as Innovators

Mechanical engineers create and innovate to find practical applications of science for the betterment of mankind. Dr. Bednarz talks additive manufacturing, nanotechnology and bioengineering.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Judith DeLuca
How to Mend a Broken Heart

Hear from Dr. DeLuca how pharmacists counsel patients on reducing risks and improving underlying causes of heart disease, and also work with physicians and nurses to optimize medication use.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Jonathan Kuiken
Powering the Future of History

Dr. Kuiken connects local history with the wider world. See how economic, social, demographic and political connections have shaped the past and will shape the future.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Yong Zhu
Building Robots

Students in Dr. Zhu's robotics classes design, construct and program robots to tackle a variety of tasks. He shares some of their work.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Helen Davis

Dr. Davis outlines career paths taken by our English majors and the opportunities they enjoy as part of the Wilkes family, such as meeting renowned authors and writing for the nation’s oldest student-run literary publication.

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Andrew Wilczak
Serial Killers in America

Why do we find serial killers so fascinating, and how do TV shows and documentaries about them impact society, victims’ families and survivors of violence?

Wilkes-barre, PA
Dr. Ed Schicatano
Change Your Life by Changing Your Brain

Our unique, student-run NeuroTraining and Research Center helps clients focus their brains to improve performance.

Our Students

Hear about the Wilkes experience straight from our students themselves!

Micaela Oliverio

Micaela Oliverio

Can you be a star on the stage and the soccer field? Yes, you can! Micaela double-majored in musical theatre and communication studies.
Gabriel Velez

Gabriel Velez

How did Gabriel tackle life, NCAA Division III tennis, the multicultural student coalition treasurer duties, and his studies?
Scott Heffelfinger

Scott Heffelfinger

As an environmental engineering major, Scott has had some amazing opportunities and experiences at Wilkes. Find out all about him in :60.
Olivia Caraballo

Olivia Caraballo

Olivia Caraballo combines her love of education and creating inclusive art activities as the educational outreach ambassador for the Sordoni Art Gallery.
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Financial Aid FAQ

If you have a question that is not answered here, financial aid counselors are available to meet with you virtually to answer any questions you may have regarding the financial aid process. Schedule a virtual visit today.

What is the income cut-off to receive financial aid?

There is no income cutoff to receive federal financial aid. The only way to determine eligibility is to apply. Based on your information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the U.S. Department of Education will determine your eligibility. For more information about eligibility criteria, visit

What if my family doesn’t qualify for financial assistance?

If you are a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen who applies for financial aid from the Department of Education you may be eligible for a student loan, specifically the Direct Loan program. Loans are considered to be financial aid.

What is the Title IV Code for Wilkes?

Our Title IV Code is 003394. Entering this code allows the Department of Education to release your FAFSA results to Wilkes University.

What is EFC?

EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution. The EFC is calculated using a formula that takes into account income, assets, family size, number of students in college and other factors. Wilkes uses the EFC to determine your financial need; this number may not equate to what your family will pay out of pocket.

What happens to my financial aid after freshman year?

Although you must apply for federal aid each year, as long as you make satisfactory academic progress and your family’s financial situation doesn’t change significantly, you can expect to receive at least the same amount each year provided that you complete the FAFSA each year, if applicable.

What happens if my family’s financial situation changes?

In the event of an unfortunate or unforeseen circumstance such as the loss of employment, illness, death or divorce (as examples) contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately. The Office of Financial Aid will be able to help determine if additional assistance is available.

I’m a transfer student. Am I eligible for financial aid?

Yes. If you’re a transfer student, you should follow the procedures to apply for undergraduate financial aid.

Where can I learn more about financial aid?

Some financial aid websites available include and Or visit