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Material Pulses: Seven Viewpoints

Curated by Nancy Crow

Exhibition Dates: January 28 - March 15, 2020
Please note the gallery will be closed for Spring Break from February 29 - March 9

Material Pulses: Seven Viewpoints, an exhibition focused on the art of quilt-making, presents seventeen works by seven fiber artists representing the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Curated by internationally renowned artist and teacher Nancy Crow, Material Pulses contributes to the dialogue of contemporary textile arts. Says Crow, “Material Pulses is the culmination of my mission to bring back the majesty, strength, and energy of textile works, particularly large  quilts.” The exhibition features quilts, mixed media, and installation work. Quilts of up to 101 inches high will be featured, for dramatic scale of an art form that is often relegated to its functional qualities. The artists investigate color, pattern, and size through traditional and experimental quilt-making applications. The curator balances a focus on shapes with oversized works, exploring excellence in machine quilting and surface design. 
The exhibition’s artists bring their techniques and vision to realizing this celebration of contemporary textile arts. Among them, Elizabeth Brandt balances large geometric and organic shapes, while at the same time flirting with a demanding dark palette. Jayne Willoughby’s work on one side seems contemplative, while the other spouts riotous color systems. Mary Lou Alexander has been exploring shibori (a Japanese dyeing method) for decades, and utilized this technique to exemplify the beauty of mark-making.  Barb Wills printed her fabrics, both cotton and silk, with original woodcuts created from Shina wood, using cutting tools from Japan. 
The exhibition artists are Denise L. Roberts, Albright, WV; Claire Benn, Surrey, England; Jayne Willoughby, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Mary Lou Alexander, Hubbard, OH; Christine Mauersberger, Cleveland, OH; Barb Wills, Prescott, AZ; and Elizabeth Brandt, Holland, MI.

January 30, 4:30 PM | Opening Reception & Art in Context Lecture: Eva Pollizzi


Lecture Topic: What Binds Us Tight
While the large-scale quilts in the traveling exhibit Material Pulses: seven viewpoints will certainly add to the ongoing conversation -where is fiber art placed in the art world and what role does it play in the debate about fine art vs craft-based art - most female artists who work in the medium of fiber are still overlooked by curators and museums. This lecture, or rather a discussion, aims to add another layer to the investigation by exploring a few more women fiber artists whose names are still missing from many art-history textbooks, and their sometimes unconventional work that is left out of the limelight.

About Eva Pollizzi:
Born and raised in Hungary, I studied English and Linguistics before moving to the United States in early 2000. After teaching writing at both the secondary and collegiate levels for decades, I returned to school and earned an MFA with a focus on fibers and clay in 2016. Working in both the visual arts and contemporary craft and drawing on a background in languages, my work explores recording layers of history. Accidental glaze results and hand-dyed fine threads guide my stitching hands as I mend the pierced surface or weave the foundation. Encased within layers of raw and delicate, masculine and feminine, a personal narrative is slowly unfolding. When I am asked where I am from, I realize I still feel suspended between two worlds: this and the other side of the Atlantic, but I know I am at home in my studio stitching, weaving, shaping clay or cooking up dyestuffs.

February 19, 4:30 PM | Film Screening: Why Quilts Matter: History, Art, and Politics


"Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics" is the landmark nine-part documentary series that offers a fresh, relevant exploration of quilts. This fascinating series explores quilts in fresh new ways by taking you behind the scenes to reveal the unique position of quilts at the center of American culture. You'll go on an amazing quilt journey from function to art, to women's empowerment, economic clout, American politics and beyond.
We will be screening 2 one-hour episodes on February 19.