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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology with Pennsylvania Instructional Technology Specialist Certification Option

The Master of Science in Education with a major in Instructional Technology is designed primarily for teaching professionals. Core education courses are combined with courses in educational technology to prepare educators to assume positions of leadership in their school or district in the area of technology. In addition to the master's degree, the program offers Pennsylvania Department of Education certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental concepts of technology infrastructure including the selection, installation, maintenance and responsible, ethical and safe use of current and emerging hardware and software applications for school administration and instruction.
  2. The student will demonstrate practical and efficient ways to integrate technology resources into instructional designs that will systematically create educational experiences that will help K-16 students achieve specified sets of learning outcomes.
  3. The student will demonstrate the ability to manage technology within a school district including creating an environment that fosters interest and growth in all aspects of technology by establishing and maintaining rapport with all staff and students through the planning, preparation and delivery of technology related in-service programs that foster the use of technology to meet current academic standards.

Program of Study

ED 530 Utilizing Emerging Technologies to Improve Learning (3 credits)
ED 577 Principles of Information Security (3 credits; Prereq: ED 588)
ED 579 Media Design (3 credits)
ED 583 Courseware Design and Construction (3 credits)
ED 587 Technology Leadership (3 credits)
ED 588 Operating Systems and Networking (3 credits)
ED 5080: Technology for Assessment and Adaptation (3 credits)
ED 5081: Technology to Support All Learners (3 credits)
ED 5082: Technology to Support Curriculum & Instruction (3 credits)
ESL 509: Computer Assisted Language Learning (3 credits)

Required for Certification

ED 591 Internship (3 credits)

For Pennsylvania Department of Education certification as a K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist, 33 credits are required. Candidates for the Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate who do not have a valid Level I or Level II Pennsylvania Instructional certificate must achieve a qualifying score on the PAPA.

PA certification and endorsement candidates will be recommended for certification upon successful completion of the required certification coursework, fieldwork, and internship. Candidates must self-register and pass the certification test, if required.  Some certifications require verification of experience.  In those cases, the candidate will need to have input from their school district verifying that they have satisfactory met professional school experience required. Application for certification and Endorsement is made by the candidate through the PDE Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) found on the PDE portal.