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Master of Science in Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Point of Contact: Prahlad Murthy, Ph.D.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management is a 36 credit-hour program that integrates 9 credit hours of required MBA program content with 27 hours of graduate engineering and elective content. The program is committed to the successful development of the upward-bound technical talent in industry. Entering students enjoy a curricular breadth and flexibility unique to Wilkes University because of leadership development strengths in the Sidhu School of Business.

The program emphases include decision processes, systems modeling, uncertainty analysis and risk assessment. Graduates will learn to effectively address and communicate the growing complexities of organizational performance and decision processes as they prepare for leadership roles in technical staff and technology management such as project planning and execution, production flow, logistics, demand forecasting, and quality improvement. The program also prepares students for further academic endeavors that may lead to post-graduate or doctoral studies in Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering or other related disciplines

Admission Requirements

An ABET-accredited baccalaureate Engineering degree is preferred but not required. Applicants with other four-year degree preparations (e.g. BS or BA) may meet entrance requirements once the necessary foundation content is satisfied. Entry standards include the following:

  1. Experience

    Post-baccalaureate industrial/professional work experience preferred.

  2. Application:

    Submitted with payment of appropriate application fee. (International students: Refer to the International Students section of this bulletin for additional admission requirements).

  3. Academic Preparation-Official Transcripts are Required:
  • Demonstrate satisfactory performance as an undergraduate as evidence with a complete set of official undergraduate transcripts to be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office.
  • To be accepted on a regular basis, candidates for the degree must have obtained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Prospective students with a GPA of less than 3.0 may be conditionally accepted into the program. To be reclassified to regular status, the conditionally accepted student must attain no less than a 3.0 for each of the first six credit hours of graduate coursework taken. Failure to maintain the minimum 3.0 in any course will result in dismissal of the conditionally accepted student.

Applicants not holding an ABET-accredited undergraduate or graduate engineering degree must demonstrate or accrue the following preparation prior to enrolling in EGM courses:

  • Mathematics: 12 hours (calculus, differential equations and statistics, or approved equivalent)
  • Engineering economy or equivalent; 3 hours
  • Science (chemistry and/or physics): 12 hours of approved coursework
  • Engineering: 12 hours of approved coursework
  • Demonstrated ability with computer programming and/or numerical analysis techniques
  1. Professional Recommendations

    Applicants must submit two letters of professional recommendation.

Degree Requirements

The Masters of Science Degree in Engineering Management requires a minimum of thirty-six (36) credit hours consisting of twenty-seven (27) credits in CORE courses and nine (9) elective credit hours.

Required Courses

EGM 510, EGM 515, EGM 516, EGM 520, EGM 525, EGM 530, MBA 501, MBA 505 and MBA 552.

Elective Options: Students have three options for distributing the remaining 9 hours of graduate elective credit:

  1. Thesis option: 6 hrs thesis (EGM 590 & 591) plus 3 hrs approved elective coursework (EGM/EE/CSE/MBA).
  2. Industry project option: 3 hrs project (EGM 580 & 581) plus 6 hrs approved elective coursework (EGM/EE/CSE/MBA).
  3. 9 hours approved coursework distributed as follows: EGM/EE - 3 hrs; EGM/EE/CSE/MBA - 6 hrs.