Wilkes University

RN to MSN Program

RN to MSN Program


This distance education program is designed for the experienced, practicing registered   nurse with a nursing-focused associate’s degree (AAN or ASN) who plans to earn a career-enhancing  advanced nursing degree to the master’s level. The curriculum starts with two bridge courses totaling 10 credit hours, which brings the student to the baccalaureate level of study. * A pass-through bachelor's degree in nursing is not granted as part of this program.  After completing these bridge courses, students continue in completing a concentration for completion of the Master of Science in Nursing degree of their choice (see Master of Science in Nursing section of the Bulletin). Graduates are eligible for national board certification in their respective concentration at the end of the program.                     

Admission Requirements

See the Master of Science in Nursing admission requirements above.


Courses are completed in 8 week or 12 week sessions based upon the master’s concentration chosen.  The two bridge courses include:                     

  • NSG-410  Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing for the Graduate Nursing Student - 7 credits (6 Credits Theory; 1 Credit Clinical)                        
  • NSG-411  Leadership and Management Practicum for the Graduate Nursing Student - 3 credits (2 Credits Theory; 1 Credit Clinical)                        
  • Prerequisite: NSG-410
  • Students who are enrolled under conditional admit and fail NSG-410 will be automatically dismissed from the university.                        

Degree Requirements

The total number of credits required for completion of the RN to MSN degree is based upon the concentration chosen (see Master of Science in Nursing section of the bulletin).The total credits range between 49-53.                     

RN to MSN students  enter this program as graduate students of the university and follow the policies of the Passan School of Nursing graduate nursing program.