Wilkes University


Numerical grades are given for graduate work. Letter grade equivalents appear in the conversion table below:

4.0 = A

Academic achievement of superior quality

3.5 = B+

Academic achievement of good quality

3.0 = B

Academic achievement of acceptable quality in meeting graduation requirements

2.5 = C+

Academic achievement of adequate quality but below the average required for graduation

2.0 = C

Academic achievement below the average required for graduation

0.0 = F

Failure. No graduate course credit

A grade of "X" indicates assigned work yet to be completed in a given course. Except in thesis work, grades of "X" will be given only in exceptional circumstances. Grades of "X" must be removed through satisfactory completion of all course work no later than four weeks after the end of the final examination period of the semester in which the "X" grade was recorded. Failure to complete required work within this time period will result in the conversion of the grade to 0. An extension of the time allowed for the completion of work must be endorsed by the instructor in the form of a written statement and submitted to the Registrar. There may be financial aid implications with a grade of "X" and with the conversion of the "X" to a 0.