Wilkes University


The primary purpose of any grading system is to inform the student of his or her academic progress in a specific course and within a specific academic program. Final grade reports are posted online on the Wilkes Student Portal at the end of each term. Mid-term grades reflecting attendance and academic performance are recorded by course instructors at the end of the seventh week of the semester and prior to pre-registration advising for the following term. Mid-term grades of "unsatisfactory" in attendance or performance or both are sent electronically to students and to their academic advisors.

Wilkes recognizes eight numerical grades for academic achievement as follows:

Grade Interpretation

4.00 Academic achievement of outstanding quality

3.50 Academic achievement above high quality

3.00 Academic achievement of high quality

2.50 Academic achievement above acceptable quality in meeting requirements

for graduation

2.00 Academic achievement of acceptable quality in meeting requirements for


1.50 Academic achievement above the minimum quality required for course credit

1.00 Academic achievement of minimum quality for course credit

The following letter grades may be assigned, as appropriate:

P Passing, no credit

W Withdrawal

N Audit, no credit

X Incomplete

A grade of "X" indicates that the student has not completed the course requirements as specified by the course instructor. Grades of incomplete ("X") will be granted to students who, because of illness or reasons beyond their control, have been unable to satisfy all course requirements, including the final examination, by the end of the term. When such a grade is recorded, all work must be completed and all course requirements satisfied by or before the end of the fourth week following the last day of the examination period; failure to complete course work and meet course requirements within this four-week period will result in a grade of "0.00" for the course, unless a special extension has been filed by the course instructor and approved by the Registrar.