Wilkes University

Learning Community about Cultural Conversation & the Arts

An awareness of how cultures shape us
and how to communicate ideas through the written word...
is essential to live and learn in today's dynamic world. The films we watch and the books we read help us make these connections. This learning community will help us develop these skills by watching movies and performances, writing essays, and analyzing other issues that affect our community.

Participants in this Learning Community live together...
on the same floor of Evans Hall. You will study ENG 101, English Composition and FYF 101, Exploring the Arts in a variety of learning settings -- not just a typical classroom.

Students in this learning community will...
  • connect with other students and faculty members.
  • attend on-campus group discussions with guest presenters.
  • explore issues such as gender, family, environmental issues, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and the global community from the 19th century to the present. 
  • learn how the movies we watch, articles we read, music we hear, and art we see help to shape our ideas and values about society.

Previous students who participated...
  • found the transition from high school to college much easier.
  • enjoyed spending time together as a group during dinners and activities.
  • discovered other cultures that were very different from their own.
  • said the program helped them meet people and make friends. (This learning community STILL gets together for dinner in their dorms or at a professor's house on weekends!)
  • have some great things to say about the program.

Dr. Phyllis Weliver and Mr. James Harrington