Wilkes University

Learning Community about Fulfilling the American Dream in the 21st Century

Two courses will help you analyze Citizen Rights and Community Obligations.
FYF 101. Rising to the Challenge 
What resources do we draw upon when life becomes difficult? Challenges come in many forms, so we will read about, watch videos about, and discuss diverse people such as World War II concentration camp survivors, past and present civil rights activists, people facing physical challenges, and others. At the same time, you will reflect upon your fall academic challenges and how you may improve your academic performance in difficult courses. 

In this First-Year Foundations course you will take part in numerous extended activities and events on and off campus. With support and direction you will also contribute to your advisor-supervised electronic portfolio. 

PS 111. Introduction to American Politics
What does it mean to be a citizen of the United States? Can a person truly be a citizen without understanding the full complement of citizen rights and obligations?

This class will scrutinize the values upon which our nation was founded and how those values continue to energize the debate over public policies. The inherent tension between our expectations for individual liberties and the demands made and limitations placed upon citizens by the majority – the government – creates the dynamic environment found in our nation’s Capital. You will become familiar with the operation of our political system and will be encouraged to participate in the process of politics to better understand your full rights and obligations.

Dr. Douglas Lynch and Dr. Thomas Baldino