Wilkes University

Student Comments

Curious about what students think about our Learning Community programs?

Here are some comments from students who already participated...

"The workload doesn't feel overwhelming because everything relates to everything else. My paper for English reinforced my speech for public speaking."

"I have made good friends in this class. I eat lunch with them and say 'hi' to them when I see them on campus...we're almost like a little family."

"If a question I have in one class is not answered...it is usually answered in the other class."

"I think we all work better as a group and we absorb more information at an easier pace."

"We do so much together...every Sunday night we have dinner together and afterward we either have speakers or we watch a movie."

"Without the community, I don't think I would have adjusted to college as well."

"I was amazed at how open our class discussions were. As soon as someone brought up a topic, everyone jumped in with their own unique opinions."

"It was fascinating that even though everyone is different, we are all able to connect with one another and really listen."