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Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA)

Wilkes University professor lectures to a group of Accelerated BBA students at the campus in Mesa, Arizona.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed for working professionals looking to complete their degree. We teach real-world business skills with immediate application, positioning you for career growth.

Enroll in our program to: 

  • Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration,
  • Change careers or advance your current one,
  • Learn skills to make you a valuable employee.

Convenient online learning
The 18 courses in the degree sequence have been designed to build on the professional, educational and life experiences that you bring to the program. Convenient online classes fit your busy schedule and our flexible format allows you to take a part or full semesters off during your busiest time.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Program has been formulated especially for working professionals like you, to take advantage of your career experience, expand career opportunities and teach real-world business skills with immediate application.

The 18 required courses will ground you in the fundamentals of business practice that are critical to a managerial perspective on the enterprise.

Key points:

  • Courses are taken two at a time for seven-week terms in a totally online format.
  • Instructors offer virtual office hours, making themselves available for discussions over the web.
  • There are three trimesters per year, so that you may take as many as 36 credits annually, allowing you to complete your degree at an accelerated pace.
  • Online learning
    All classes are offered in an online format.

  • Condensed sessions, focused content
    Classes are offered in seven-week sessions, allowing you to register for two classes at a time, while completing as many as four classes during each trimester (12 courses a year).

  • Personal attention

    Going back to school is a major decision. Intensive interaction with advisors, instructors, and peers provide the online environment you need to succeed.

Admissions requirements
At least 24 prior-earned college credits are required.

To apply, please submit:

Transfer credits
Previous college credits earned never expire. Our admissions counselor will review your college transcripts and provide an immediate transfer evaluation. 


Tuition for the 2017-18 academic year is $416 per credit, plus applicable fees.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. And if your employer reimburses tuition, deferred payment is available, meaning payment is not due until 30 days after the conclusion of the course. Wilkes also offers a variety of convenient payment plans.  

For more information, please contact:

Wilkes University
245 W. 2nd Street
Mesa. Ariz. 85201

Phone: (480) 878-4412
Email: MesaAdmissions@wilkes.edu

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