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Wilkes University students take notes in an undergraduate business class at the Mesa, Arizona campus.

We’re in the business of your success.

What better way to prepare for leadership than to jump right in? Wilkes University offers you that chance with the Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership.

The Sidhu School provides transfer students seeking a bachelor’s degree with a hands-on business education that emphasizes leadership and management. Our expert faculty will engage you in lively lectures that delve into business tactics and theories, taking you beyond the classroom to create experiences that hone strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. They nurture authentic leadership and ethical business practice as they develop the soft skills businesses require, like teamwork, communications and analysis.

The Personal and Professional Development series, unique to Wilkes Sidhu School students, will engage you in a process of discovery and development. You'll explore knowledge, values, learning styles and competencies as you lead by doing. After learning about yourself and finding your strengths and weaknesses, the class will explore professional skills that can add to your career development. These courses include resume writing and interview skills and also include practical advice on email correspondence, social events with coworkers, and other situations young professionals often find themselves facing.

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At Wilkes, we believe each student needs to gain field experience before graduation to better prepare themselves for the real world so internships are required. As a private, non-profit school of our size, we can help secure internships specific to your field of study.  Click on the majors above to see where students have interned.

Transfer Students

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Wilkes offers convenient day and evening classes to accommodate full or part-time study. Semester-long day classes are available. Or, you can enroll in evening classes that are offered in an accelerated, 7-week format, with 2 to 3 classes per term. This allows you to finish your bachelor's degree in just two years.

Spring 2017 classes start Jan. 17. Apply now!


Wilkes University holds classes in the Mesa Center for Higher Education, located in the heart of downtown Mesa.   Formerly the Mesa City Courthouse, the MCHE underwent state-of-the-art renovations in 2013, turning its 53,000 square feet into an ideal facility for higher learning. 

On the first floor and lower level, there are 13 classrooms, 6 fully-equipped science and engineering labs, offices, conference rooms, and numerous student study and gathering spaces.  The second floor holds 11,000 square feet, which is being reserved for future expansion.