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Wilkes University Biology Professor Kenneth Klemow Appointed to Pennsylvania Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force

Kenneth Klemow, Wilkes University professor of biology and geo-environmental science.Kenneth Klemow, Wilkes University professor of biology and geo-environmental science, was appointed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to serve on the state Department of Environmental Protection’s new Pipeline Infrastructure Taskforce.

The task force will recommend policies, guidelines and best practices to the governor to guide the anticipated build-out of gas pipeline infrastructure across Pennsylvania during the next decade. Klemow, the only academic scientist on the 48-person task force, was also appointed to the Environmental Protection Work Group. 

An ecologist, Klemow joined the Wilkes faculty in 1982 and serves as associate director of Wilkes University’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. “My responsibility is to ensure that there’s good science brought to the decision-making process,” he said, noting that he is the only academic scientist on the task force. 

Klemow expects to incorporate his experience on the government task force in his classes at the University and invite individuals he meets to speak to students enrolled in energy classes at Wilkes. 

“We’re starting a new interdisciplinary energy minor at Wilkes in fall 2015,” Klemow said. “I see what I do on the task force informing the development of what we teach in this minor.” 

Klemow’s goal is to bring an honest, science-backed, and realistic approach to resolving current and future energy issues. 

“There’s a need for educating the public about information relating to pipelines in an unbiased manner,” he said. “While I’m concerned about the environmental impacts of pipelines, I realize that pipelines will be built. So what I would like to see is that any future building that happens is as environmentally safe as possible using best science.”