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Wilkes University Family Business Alliance Offers New Tuition Discount Benefit To Its Members

Member Companies Receive Discount On Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition

The Wilkes University Family Business Alliance has announced an important new benefit for its members. All member companies will receive a tuition discount on undergraduate and graduate tuition at Wilkes. All full-time employees and their immediate family members of Family Business Alliance member companies and sponsor companies qualify for the tuition discounts, depending on their level of membership.


Under this new benefit, sustaining members and platinum sponsors of the Family Business Alliance will receive 20 percent off tuition and full members will receive a 15 percent discount. The discount can be applied to undergraduate tuition, tuition in the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, and graduate tuition, including tuition in the master of business administration program. 

The savings varies according to the level of membership and the amount of tuition being paid. For example, full members will save $2,231 per semester on the full-time undergraduate tuition at Wilkes and sustaining members will save $2,975 on the same tuition. 

The discount does not cover course fees, book expenses, room and board, study abroad, study tours and non-credit courses. In order to receive the discount, members must complete a special form before they or their family members register at Wilkes. 

For more information about the tuition discount and other member benefits available to Family Business Alliance members, please contact Executive Director Lanie Jordan at 570-408-2120.