Wilkes University


Wilkes University Offers Summer Undergraduate Classes At Reduced Tuition

Summer session at Wilkes University offers quality education at an affordable price. Undergraduate students from any college or university are eligible to register for classes and take advantage of the personal attention and mentoring they will receive from Wilkes’ award-winning faculty.

Wilkes is offering summer undergraduate classes at the reduced tuition rate of $495 per credit, a rate that is 40 percent less than the standard tuition price. A variety of courses are offered in programs like engineering, chemistry and communications as well as general education classes in disciplines such as English, psychology, history and math. Taking summer classes allows students to lighten their course load during the regular academic year, catch up on missed classes or graduate early.

 Students can choose to start courses in May, June or July. The session dates are as follow:

Three-week pre-session: May 18 to June 5

Full session: May 18 to Aug. 14

Session I: June 8 to July 10

Nine-week session: June 8 to Aug. 11

Session II: July 13 to Aug. 14

Weekender: June 6 to Aug. 1

For more information, visit www.wilkes.edu/summer or call (570) 408-4400.