Wilkes University


Blue and Gold Day

Calling all Colonels! Join us in welcoming the Wilkes incoming class on Saturday, May 1!

May 1 is national College Decision Day - the day that Wilkes University celebrates the incoming Class of '25 and 27. Here's how current students, faculty, staff and alumni can participate on Saturday, May 1:

  1. Wear blue and gold

  2. Take a selfie photo or video

  3. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok

  4. Tag our social media channels:

    • Facebook: @WilkesUniversity

    • Instagram: @wilkesu

    • Twitter: @wilkesu

    • TikTok: @wilkesu

  5. Use the hashtag #WILKESU.

Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram on May 1 - we'll be sharing all of the posts from our incoming students - please feel free to like and share - and help us to turn social media BLUE AND GOLD!! 

Questions? Contact patricia.deviva@wilkes.edu.